Neil Fallon discusses the rare records of Clutch, the formation of "Weathermaker Music", the rewards and challenges of running a record label, the Clutch catalogue and the latest entry - "Sunrise on Slaughter Beach - The Complete Edition" 7" vinyl boxset.

Topics include:

  • Sunrise on Slaughter Beach 7” set
  • Boxset planning and supply chain
  • Clutch benefitted from file sharing
  • Weathermaker Music is another creative outlet
  • The backstory of Weathermaker Music
  • Learning curves of running a record company
  • Owning the errors of the supply chain
  • Designing The Obelisk box set
  • Artwork of the Sunrise on Slaughter Beach 7” set
  • Clutch and conceptual continuity
  • How does a typical Clutch track come together?
  • What did teenage Neil Fallon’s record collection look like?
  • Early hardcore shows in the DC area
  • Integrity and respect for the fanbase
  • The work ethic of the band and label
  • Which Clutch albums do and do not control
  • The Pitchfork single and reissue
  • Non-involvement in the Music on Vinyl reissues
  • 1st recording of The Elephant Riders
  • A hidden “Easter Egg” on Robot Hive / Exodus
  • Sunrise on Slaughter Beach 7” hand pressed vinyl
  • Interview wrap up

Order "Sunrise at Slaughter Beach - The Complete Edition" 7" boxset here.

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