Tommy Prine, son of singer songwriter John Prine, was raised around music and has forged his own artistic path for his new LP "This Far South".

Topics include:

  • Discovering Tommy would be an artist
  • Was Tommy always playing guitar?
  • Tommy’s teenage rebellion
  • Sharing music with his parents
  • John Prine’s music collection
  • What was the music listening routine in the house?
  • Tommy’s first record / Discovering Outkast
  • Tommy brought some records – Tyler Childers "Live on Red Barn Radio"- Al Green’s Greatest HitsA Tribe Called Quest "Midnight Marauders" – Marvin Gaye "You’re The Man"
  • How does a Tommy Prine song come together?
  • Writing is like therapy
  • Did Tommy’s father hear his songs?
  • Parents reaction to Tommy becoming an artist
  • Tommy’s influences in the album “This Far South”
  • Is Tommy already writing the follow-up record?
  • The story of “Cash Carter Hill”
  • Touring and promotional plans
  • Interview wrap up

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