Comedian, actor, podcast pioneer and my hero Marc Maron joins us to talk record collecting, music, rare records, vinyl shopping and more.

Topics include:

  • Marc doesn’t feel he’s a record nerd
  • Thoughts on Mobile Fidelity records
  • Marc compares some records side by side
  • Various labels Marc follows
  • Light in the Attic, Numero Group, Resonance Records
  • Marc’s local shops - Permanent Records in LA, Gimme Gimme Records
  • How does Marc shop for records
  • How are his records organized?
  • Records that Marc buys multiple times over
  • First pressings don’t matter
  • Modern Remixes: Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Remix, Beatles Abbey Road, etc
  • Boxsets, booklets, outtakes and ephemera
  • Jimi Hendrix – Songs for Groovy Children
  • What’s the most Marc ever paid for a record?
  • Records he was sent recently
  • Marc still has some high school records
  • Formative records of Marc’s youth
  • When Marc discovered Zappa
  • Collecting Krautrock
  • McIntosh amp from the Maron TV show
  • Gear talk
  • Collectability of Marc’s vinyl releases
  • Fitting a comedy routine on a record release package
  • Marc’s history with releasing comedy records
  • The WTF Live in the Garage record
  • Opinions on black, coloured splatter vinyl?
  • Discussing blues records & guitarists
  • Modern music Earthless / OFF!
  • John Lee Hooker – Serve You Right to Suffer
  • Interview wrap up

Marc does his thing on Twitter, Instagram and WTF Pod

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