Jody Stephens shares memories of Big Star, vinyl & cover art for "#1 Record", "Radio City", "Third", Chris Bell & the master tapes, rare records, the upcoming Australian tour for "Those Pretty Wrongs" and more!

Topics include:

  • Jody has never been good with vinyl
  • “Those Pretty Wrongs” are coming to Australia
  • Continuing to use Ardent Studios
  • The Ardent logo and label design introduced with the Big Star debut
  • What happened to the neon star from Big Star album cover?
  • The cover photo from Big Star’s “Radio City” album
  • Big Star “Third” multiple album covers
  • Finding a new label for Big Star “Third”
  • Will vinyl be on the merch table for “Those Pretty Wrongs” Australia shows?
  • Pressing 250 Big Star “Third” records to find a new label
  • PVC Records release of Big Star “Third”
  • An aborted single of “The Ballad of El Goodo”
  • Rare Big Star records – Brazil EP
  • Mislabelled Big Star singles
  • Test pressings of “#1 Record” would have been handled by Chris Bell
  • The care and attention for cutting Big Star records
  • Inscription in the “#1 Record” runout groove
  • 1st pressings of “#1 Record” had a poster
  • Why was “O My Soul” in mono?
  • Was Chris still working on songs for “Radio City”?
  • Chris destroyed the Big Star multitrack tapes – “The India Song” multitrack may have survived
  • Chris Bell’s motivation for destroying the tapes
  • Was Chris Bell aware of the building legend of Big Star before his death?
  • Jody spoke to Chris about a Big Star reunion prior to his passing
  • Memories of Big Star live shows in early 70s
  • Live recordings of Big Star – Rock Writers Convention
  • How does Jody look back at the Big Star years?
  • Developing songs / material for “Those Pretty Wrongs”
  • Chris Stamey is still involved in Jody’s music
  • Jody’s memories of playing in Australia
  • Interview wrap up

See "Those Pretty Wrongs" in Australia, tickets & details are here.

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