In memory of Sixto "Sugar Man" Rodriguez, here is the full Vinyl Guide interview from 2018 discussing music, records, recordings and more.

Rest in Peace Mr Rodriguez.

Topics include:

  • Interview start / greetings
  • Music on vinyl and digital
  • Memories of Australia and New Zealand
  • Rodriguez was surprised by a large fanbase in Australia
  • Writing the songs on “Cold Fact” & “Coming From Reality”
  • The accident that took part of his finger
  • The “I’ll Slip Away” single on Impact records
  • What the “Sugarman” character someone he knew?
  • Did his style change between the two LPs?
  • Fighting injustice in the music industry
  • What is the one message Sixto would like to give the world?
  • Will we see another Rodriguez album?
  • Honorary PhD / Dr Rodriguez
  • Did Sixto continue to play music during the years after he made his records?
  • Is he familiar with Blue Goose record label out of Australia?
  • Do you know where the master tapes of “Cold Fact” and “Coming From Reality” are?
  • Touring the world with local musicians
  • Taking inspiration from his family who served in military
  • How did you choose the path of being an artist?
  • What does he want to accomplish in his remaining years?
  • The King of Thailand came to his show
  • Rodriguez still studies music
  • Social commentary on global cultures
  • What music, lyrics does he feel are still relevant today?
  • End of interview

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