John Corabi of The Dead Daisies discusses his history with records, the collectibility of his music catalogue on vinyl, his recent book "Horseshoes & Hand Grenades", moments of with the likes of Nirvana, Eddie Van Halen & more.

  • Returning to The Dead Daisies
  • Relationship with former members
  • Is The Dead Daisies the best gig in rock and roll?
  • Why did he leave TDD originally?
  • Can he balance The Dead Daisies with his solo work?
  • John’s sorted past, growing up with records
  • John is buying records again but doesn’t have a turntable
  • The collectability of John’s vinyl history – Motley Crue, Brides of Destruction, solo work
  • Writing his book “Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • Blowback because of the book
  • Audition for Quiet Riot in the late 80s
  • Meeting up with Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl
  • Nirvana helped clear out the copy-cat bands
  • John’s memories of the shift in musical tastes
  • John’s favourite 15 years of music
  • Multiple genres on radio
  • Memories of Eddie Van Halen, backyard party
  • The Howard Hughes of rock and roll
  • The tape library in 5150 studio
  • Interview wrap up

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