Mike Love of The Beach Boys shares memories of the early records of the band, recording "Pet Sounds", crafting those beloved harmonies, memories with The Beatles & much more.

  • Intro & Australia talk
  • Stagecoach 2024 announcement
  • What records does Mike Love have?
  • “Surfin’ / Luau” Beach Boys single on Candix
  • Memories of the 1st single
  • Signing to Capitol
  • Recording “Surfin’ Safari” album
  • The shift from singles to albums
  • Is “All Summer Long” a concept album?
  • Friendly rivalry between The Beatles & The Beach Boys
  • Being with The Beatles in India, collaborating on music
  • Creating process of the Beach Boys harmony parts
  • Capitol’s response to early listens of “Pet Sounds”
  • Working on vocal takes hour after hour, seeking perfection
  • Calling Brian “Dog Ears”, origin of “Pet Sounds” album title
  • Writing lyrics to acetates
  • Margot Robbie and The Beach Boys
  • Does Mike still have acetates & old records?
  • Keith Moon shared a “Pet Sounds” acetate with The Beatles
  • The Beach Boys and bootlegs
  • Master tapes and The Beach Boys archive team
  • Crafting the set list for current live shows
  • Most collectable record/vinyl from The Beach Boys
  • Paul McCartney on The Beach Boys album artwork
  • “Summer In Paradise”
  • Interview wrap up, a bit more Australia talk

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