Turntable designer John Stratton founded Pure Fidelity with the aim of creating "heirloom quality" turntables for audio enthusiasts. John discusses his design choices and how we can make the most of our existing turntables and audio systems.

  • How John started making turntables
  • Materials for turntables make a huge difference
  • Determining woods for turntable plinths
  • Comparing wood and stone for turntables
  • Variations in turntables with same woods
  • Tips for all turntable owners to improve sound
  • Keep vibrations away from turntables
  • What impact does the turntable matt have?
  • How do record weights impact record audio?
  • Do record weights cause stress on turntable belts?
  • Why have a 2nd belt on a turntable?
  • Humans can discern variations in speed
  • Comparing belts to direct drive and idler wheels
  • Moving magnet v moving coil
  • Impact of tone arms to the audio signal
  • Straight v s-shaped tone arms
  • Does tone arm length matter much?
  • Proper turntable setup can improve sound dramatically
  • Do we need to invest in expensive cables?
  • The variation and inconsistency of records
  • Records that John tests turntables with
  • How would John improve his turntable with unlimited budget?
  • Speed control outside the plinth but motor is in
  • The ruby bearing of Pure Fidelity
  • Interview wrap up

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