Get comfortable, because the Vookcast is back for a new episode. Usual host James is out for the count (or more accurately, his computer is) so Steven stepped up to the plate. Hopefully he didn’t do a terrible job.
Steven is joined by old favourite Daniel, and streaming YouTubing all around swell bloke Troy to talk about the big news of the fortnight like gold amiibo, silver amiibo, medically trained amiibo. There’s lots of amiibo, okay.
Nintendo’s financials, E3 plans, mobile games, Splatoon’s Global Testfire and some other bits of news get a mention as well.

As for talking about games, the crew touch on the recently released StreetPass games, as well as Intelligent Systems’ long delayed but finally released in Australia strategy RPG, Code Name: STEAM.

Apologies, there were some audio issues in this episode. They’re not too terrible and we’ve worked around them as best we can, just thought we’d let you know.

Thanks for listening!

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