Surprise! The Vookcast regulars, Steven and James, return with an all new Vookcast after a brief and regrettable hiatus! This is our first VCR episode in several months, and for those who are just joining us, VCR episodes are episodes where we look at a game from Nintendo's past (be it first or third party) and analyse it as best we can. Given that Nintendo Australia recently confirmed that the fifth Project Zero (Fatal Frame) game will be heading to our shores this year, we thought we'd dig into the vault to give Project Zero 2: Wii Edition a try.

It's a fairly simple sounding game - helpless Japanese girl is isolated in a scary place with a violent past, haunted by ghosts, and must fight them off with a camera. Sounds great, right?

The team begins with a very brief recount of the series and how it turned out to become a pseudo exclusive for Nintendo systems. Following that, they delve into the game's story and writing and how effective it is as a horror game. What sets Project Zero apart from it's contemporaries? We explore this and much, much more in the newest VCR episode of the Vookcast.

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