On this week's Vookcast, Angelo is joined by Luke and Daniel W to squee with glee at the first official look at Super Nintendo World. We then turn our attention to the joint statement out of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo about their pledge to combat toxic online gaming and take responsibility for providing a safer environment for young gamers.

In further news about March 31’s annihilation day for Mario games (because we just can’t seem to steer clear of this story), NOA President, Doug Bowser, has gone on the record to say this timed-release marketing scheme is a “celebration” of Mario’s 35th anniversary. Hmm.

In our final featured discussion of 2020 we share our most memorable Nintendo Christmas moments, and top the show off with Nintendo 20 Questions!

What are your fondest Nintendo memories of Christmas? How soon will you try to head into Super Nintendo World? Are you satisfied with President Bowser’s response? Warp pipe over to the Vooks Discord and join the discussion!

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This week's music is from Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo 64. Happy holidays!

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