~~WE SINCERELY APOLOGISE FOR UPLOADING AN UNFINISHED MASTER - PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE AND IGNORE PREVIOUS ONES~~ It's podcast time yet again, and this time the regular team of James, Steven and Daniel are joined by previous podcast contributor Hope! We talk about the Pokemon X & Y eShop size, the recent delays to Bravely Default for Europe and Australia, Nintendo's plans to further their online presence as well as the possibilities of Reggie Fils-Aimes being in the next Smash Brothers! Sales talk, as always, is here too as the team discusses what's on the horizon for the Wii U with the recent lacklustre sales. Of course, the biggest (and only) release for NIntendo consoles in the past fortnight was Pikmin 3, so the team reflects on the long awaited sequels strengths, weaknesses and other interesting information including answering of the community's questions. Not to leave our local event out either, Hope and Steven facilitate a discussion on PAX Australia - what worked, what didn't work, and what they'd both like to see improved in the future for the event. So it's a wildly packed podcast! We hope you enjoy listening to it. Be sure to visit Vooks.Net for production and music credits.

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