The team has been busy at work researching and playing one of the most divisive Nintendo games to bring you this episode of the podcast – our long awaited (and possibly overdue) Metroid Other M in-depth critique!The regular team of James, Steven and Daniel take us through the game from beginning to end – covering the writing of the game itself, including the characterisation of Samus and Adam, as well as the federation. After a short break we return with a discussion of the gameplay and how it impacted (both positively and negatively) the game itself. To finish, we discuss the visual presentation and soundtrack of the game in comparison to previous games like Prime and the original games.Of course, as we asked the community, we also close with a discussion of all your opinions of the game.We hope you enjoy this alternate format to the podcast, but those who aren’t fans of Metroid need not to fret – we’ll be back with a brand new episode in a fortnight with the traditional format. This format is new and we’ll be doing them from time to time, though, so make sure to give us feedback in the comments! For full production and music credits please go to

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