It’s business as usual with the latest episode of the Vookcast which returns to the traditional format with special guest, Troy, the staffer who does our weekly eShop updates. The usual team and our esteemed guest go through all the latest and most notable news of the past few weeks, offering their insights on the most recent classifications and announcements for new games on the eShop and Virtual Console, along with the latest updates to several of Nintendo’s key digital titles.Moving to a more community focus, the team discusses Nintendo’s presence at the Game Developers Conference this year, as well as Nintendo Australia’s efforts not only to bring the Mario Kart 8 collector’s edition to Australia, but also to finally establish a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Bad news, as always, is discussed too with Nintendo closing select online services and the whole Wii U WATCH_DOGS debacle now that it’s been given a release date.Of course, we’d be wrong to forget to mention the latest releases - and the team talks about their thoughts on the rather dividing Yoshi’s Island sequel, Yoshi’s New Island as well as the quietly released Pokemon Link: Battle! for the eShop. Be sure to visit for all production and musical credits.

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