Vookcast Episode 63 is live, after the dust has settled from E3 we dive in and catch up on some games played. We also cover all the news coming out of the most recent Nintendo Direct Events including the 3DS XL Announcement and Namco Bandai's involvement in the new Super Smash Bros game as well as discussing the passing of the Australian R18+ rating for video games. After news we have a look back at some older games and discuss what we would like to see get the Kid Icarus treatment and get a second chance at life. Games discussed this week include Theaterythm Final Fantasy Demo, Pokemon Conquest, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Demo, Final Fantasy 4 DS, Kirby Mass Attack, Retro Game Challange, Skyward Sword plus a few others. Be sure to head on to the forums once you've listened to the show to give us your thoughts and feedback on the episode here Thanks go out to Juxtapose who, oh so awesomely crafted us our all-new intro theme. I highly suggest you check out the rest of his work over at his Facebook page here

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