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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119)

[0:00] Chapters.

[2:02] Intro.

[2:46] Topic #1: Valve's Steam Deck teardown.

    4:18 Linus called out in the reaction video.

    9:12 Thoughts on what Valve can do better.

    11:31 Right to repair, battery challenges.

    19:23 Valve does not recommend SSD swapping.

[20:47] Topic #2: Linux challenge update.

    22:27 Linux dictionary is overwhelming.

    27:37 Rules of the challenge.

    31:50 Gaming, driver & hardware issues.

    37:53 Steam's Big Picture experience.

    40:02 Linus predicts hate comments for his video.

    44:04 The good & the bad, compared to other OSs.

    52:56 File extension & oddity with Github & Linux guides.

    1:00:12 Gen Z does not know where to find files.

[1:04:43] Sponsors.

    1:05:04 Honey Promo Codes.

[1:05:37] Linus rants about haters, devs & right to repair.

[--] Sponsors Cont.

    1:12:16 Seasonic's Ultra Titanium PSUs.

    1:12:54 Squarespace website builder.

[1:13:51] Topic #3: Microsoft agrees to study for right to repair.

    1:19:21 Corporates versus right to repair.

[1:21:06] LTTStore new merch.

[1:22:55] Topic #4: Twitch data leaked.

    1:27:46 Twitch's "Vapor" game streaming service.

[1:38:56] Topic #5: Facebook, Insta, WhatsApp down for 6 hours.

[1:39:49] Topic #6: Nintendo's Switch OLED Model.

[1:44:11] Topic #7: Feud with TeamViewer.

    1:50:50 TeamViewer Support's response.

[1:56:07] Superchats.

[2:05:38] Nick calling about LTT-sponsored UFD Tech stream.

[2:13:43] Outro.

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