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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

0:00 Chapters

1:18 Intro

1:43 Topic #1 - "Pregnant" woman caught smuggling CPUs

4:14 Why smuggle tech into China? discussing item distribution

7:32 Brazil's tech import tariffs, American imports & exports

12:06 Smuggling to exploit tech shortage?

13:07 Topic #2 - New Arc driver, Arc challenge update

13:26 Intel's e-mail, criticizing Intel's Arc Control & its notifications

18:19 Only drivers matter for first-gen, Arc PC giveaway...on Arc Control

20:26 Luke won't update his driver until Arc Control informs him of it

20:55 Intel Support Assistant, Luke on the extended Arc booting

23:50 Performance graph of DirectX9 & driver performance uplift

26:42 Discussing Vulkan & Proton running DirectX9

29:40 Explaining the misconstrued chemistry between Linus-Luke

32:41 LTTStore Linus plushies moved to the bonus bins

33:36 Merch Messages #1

53:22 LTT's ZeroTier video idea

54:36 Sponsors

57:58 Topic #4 - Nintendo DMCA's DYKG's video on a 2004 Zelda pitch

59:21 Mentioning the source of the video's content, why did Nintendo do this?

1:01:00 Discussing NDA, hate tweet on DYKG, Activision-Blizzard

1:03:56 Nintendo "acknowledges" S&V bugs, "takes feedback seriously"

1:05:40 Linus considers not purchasing Nintendo products, mentions SMP

1:12:12 Where is the line drawn with these companies?

1:13:12 Merch Messages #2

1:24:23 Topic #5 - Markiplier's OF, proceedings to go to charities

1:26:14 How are nudes "tasteful"?

1:27:47 ChatGPT defines "tasteful nude photographs"

1:30:26 Merch Messages #3

1:37:56 Topic #6 - The Game Awards 2022

1:38:45 Valve was giving away Steam Decks, Elden Ring won GOTY

1:39:12 Kid mentioning Bill Clinton arrested, other previous stunts

1:40:05 Topic #7 - They're Just Movies podcast ended

1:43:15 Criticism online is personal Linus' & Luke's perspectives

1:47:14 Complimenting Luke, losing weight & building muscle

1:48:03 The name of the lab

1:48:32 Luke hosting videos once again, discussing OVH & Arc videos

1:50:48 Topic #8 - LTX2023 & Whale LAN page design & dates revealed

1:53:02 VIP packages, all-night Whale LAN, Luke's epic father & friend

1:55:28 PAX & LTX, possible quarterly LAN parties, special guests

1:59:43 Expo building, showcasing booths & games

2:06:04 Linus's potential investment on a NAS software start-up

2:11:01 Linus on DIY NAS mirrored storage issues, defining obtuse

2:17:18 Topic #9 - Apple scraps CSAM, encrypts iCloud

2:19:05 Topic #10 - Xbox games are now up to $70

2:21:00 Topic #11 - Adobe Stock to sell generated AI stock images

2:24:19 Merch Messages #4

2:32:53 Topic #12 - Stack Overflow banned ChatGPT

2:36:23 Luke's thoughts on ChatGPT version 4

2:38:27 Invalidity of ChatGPT answers, defining why it was banned

2:40:28 Using large language models on game development

2:43:30 Luke's ideal sandwich, ranting about killing Quadro

2:45:26 Any notable tattoos around the company?

2:45:48 How long until Arc is competitive in the professional market?

2:46:37 Would LTT accept Nintendo as a sponsor for LTX?

2:46:58 Favorite pieces of tech to use in the kitchen

2:48:28 Outro

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