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Timestamps (Courtesy of BlackWings)

00:00:20 Topic intro - A fan recreated all the levels of golden eye in Far Cry 5, Windows 11, AMD FX Super Resolution, John McAfee

00:01:17 WAN Show Intro and Sponsors

00:01:48 Windows 11

 00:03:58 Frosted glass aesthetic

 00:05:10 Touch first approach 

 00:07:09 Realign Taskbar

 00:10:56 Office 365 and Search

 00:14:40 Emoji, gifs keyboard

 00:15:21 Widgets

 00:15:45 Pen input is getting better, auto HDR, direct storage, Xbox game pass

 00:17:45 Direct Microsoft Teams integration, Android app support, Windows store

 00:19:30 Poll of which cut is better linus version vs Unedited Anthony version script

 00:32:21 Result of poll and talk on how live reveal events have changed

 00:42:05 TPM

 00:45:40 Superchats on Win 11

00:48:05 Sponsors - Almalinux, Honey, Ridge Wallet

00:50:30 Golden eye maps copyright striked ?

00:58:00 Linus' steam shopping spree

01:00:20 John McAfee found dead

01:03:30 China bans BTC

01:05:15 Boston Dynamics owned by Hyundai

01:06:25 LTT store updated merch

01:07:15 linus talks about win 11 effect on Win 11 Ayaneo Handheld

01:08:40 Linus and luke talk about retro games

01:12:48 Superchats

01:21:04 Linus steam shopping spree recommendations

 01:26:00 Background play on floatplane on iOS

 01:27:45 Final Fantasy animated series

01:35:51 Outro