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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

0:00 Chapters.

0:55 Intro.

1:20 Topic #1: NVIDIA releases DLSS 3.5.

2:02 NVIDIA's claims, "AI is the future of gaming."

3:44 Linus on native res gaming, DLSS implementation, Luke on possible issues.

8:52 Linus on using AI to game dev, data processing.

15:02 Game dev, graphical fidelity, Luke's "story."

20:41 Stream dies, spliced VOD.

20:43 Topic #2: Microsoft's Nintendo acquisition plans leaked.

21:57 How rumors spread, LTT food & LinusCatTips

22:58 Documents leaks planned projects for Xbox.

25:11 ZeniMax's planned games, Luke on Tomb Raider.

28:52 Microsoft's interest to acquire companies, Luke on companies that fell off.

30:51 Nintendo Switch's power, lack of roadmap, "it's Tomb Raider, who cares?!"

36:00 Luke on Microsoft's roadmap presentation, "pyramid scheme."

39:02 Lack of themed Xbox, Linus's & Luke's experience, Luke's TV, Confused Dan.

45:53 Merch Messages #1 ft. Not-so-smart Linus.

1:01:17 Topic #3: Microsoft's Copilot AI companion.

1:04:02 M365 Copilot's release date, OpenAI's DALL-E 3, new Surface devices.

1:08:44 Trying out Copilot, failing miserably.

1:17:13 Viewer logs in using Steam's QR, crew baffled & impressed.

1:18:35 Luke's prompt suggestions, Linus's drawing, Luke on Copilot's preview.

1:35:55 Linus vents about Microsoft's search ft. Sleep Country.

1:38:01 Topic #4: House LAN center update.

1:41:09 Linus on rack ports, custom terminated cables, pool watercooling.

1:45:20 Planned LTT videos, thermal camera, heat exchanger & transfer.

1:59:08 Server-heated fireplace, Linus on existing tubes & hot water pipes.

2:05:10 Sponsors

2:09:07 LTTStore's new onesie ft. Linus & Luke wearing it.

2:10:20 Merch Messages #2.

2:10:24 Logistics team's reaction to the M&P truck ft. G4 cube, Z Fold 3 repair.

2:32:48 How did Luke get the Starfield Constellation Edition Smartwatch?

2:34:39 Would the badminton center include rental rackets?

2:36:29 RAM in Intel & AMD chips? ft. Luke's phone, old hardware, CD movies, RF-blocking paint.

2:51:28 Topic #5: LTX2024 is not happening.

2:54:17 Whale LAN, potential to improve Whale LAN.

2:59:33 Whaler_99, OG LTT forums mod, officially hired as LMG's IT guy.

3:01:55 LMG employees' comments on M&P's owner & video production.

3:04:12 Best parts that didn't make it into the video? ft. Linus is a fainter.

3:11:26 Topic #6: Asus's ROG Ally base model.

3:11:44 Topic #7: New YouTube policy allows channels to change YT name only.

3:13:06 Topic #8: Unity swaps their install fees change with a new plan.

3:14:25 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark.

3:15:03 What's the itch factor on the LTT merino T-shirt? ft. Onesie photos.

3:16:44 Tech projects wanting to stay independent despite purchase offers?

3:18:42 Precision screwdriver showcase.

3:18:24 5M face shield Canadian Government formal order story.

3:19:09 Tech in its early days that would become the norm for schools?

3:20:29 Would LTT x Noctua screwdriver be available through Noctua in Europe?

3:20:58 Opinions on tech leaks & its impact on purchases?

3:22:18 What was the best product in a game bundle you got?

3:24:34 Cancelled video project you wished to release and why did you cancel it?

3:25:49 What is Linus's opinion on Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

3:26:47 Favorite LTTStore merch you've ever done?

3:28:46 Opinions on Supreme Commander 2?

3:29:05 Anything felt different since the week break? Any noticeable improvements?

3:33:50 Tech tips on cooling without a pool?

3:35:50 Tell a story about a time you felt like a Sims character.

3:36:52 Thoughts on the GR Corolla & the intelligent manual transmission?

3:37:41 Thoughts on selling 3D printed LTT screwdriver case?

3:39:20 Outro.

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