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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

(0:00) Chapters

(1:10) Intro

(1:48) Topic #1 - YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to step down

(3:03) YouTube’s past, was YouTube under Susan a success?

(8:08) What would you like to be changed moving forward?

(10:26) Suppressors, transparency & abusing the system

(14:46) Malicious people throttle the advancement of tech

(16:12) Linus on security, theft, insurance & tax write-off

(24:20) Should Linus have a CEO? recommended LTT back catalog

(29:03) CEO stuff someone could do better? Luke on PR

(32:37) Linus on maintaining business relations

(35:12) Linus is a control freak, Linus's uncle on his ROI

(37:02) Linus on corporate attitude towards planning

(38:47) Discussing Lab, teams moving to it & WAN acoustics

(40:58) Linus's abandoned office nightmare, LMG's success

(43:04) Recalling backpack pop-up, "projected" price point

(45:54) Cost of Gary, Linus on what Dan put in the WAN PC

(49:08) Linus on tech testing & "flipper of shiz”

(50:34) Topic #2 - Intel launches Sapphire Rapids

(51:12) Office tech value video idea, Linus on talking about money

(54:09) Impressive workstation chips & specifications

(55:35) Xeon W-3400 specs compared to Xeon W-2400

(58:30) AMD lied about Threadripper, is W2400/3400 going to harm AMD?

(1:01:12) "Threadripper is useless, get server CPU" comment

(1:04:00) LTTStore new pins series 1, track suits comments

(1:05:42) Showcasing pins, RGB PC sold out during preshow

(1:08:46) Would there be more serieses of pins? Pin loot box

(1:12:18) Sarah the perfectionist, Twitch's "legendary" idea

(1:14:36) "Digital tokens" & "people are stupid" comments

(1:16:57) Ideas to be discussed for the pins

(1:19:23) Merch Messages #1

(1:19:53) Is it more difficult to inspire the next gen with new tech?

(1:23:32) Insights Linus taken from his practice of following others' careers?

(1:26:24) How much of the script writing comes out from Linus?

(1:30:54) Sponsors

(1:40:32) Luke on Bing's politeness score evaluation.

(1:42:46) Bing's wild response gets in a fight with Luke

(1:43:48) Bing's aggressiveness in a new conversation

(1:47:06) Compares Bing to a real scenario, "depressed" Bing

(1:48:57) Odd suggested prompts & removing text behavior

(1:52:29) Bing replies with two boxes, clears the chat after threats

(1:54:16) Bing's comeback, Luke on Bing's behavior

(1:58:32) Verge's article on Bing chat length

(2:00:18) Asking Bing for proof, forges fake ones instead

(2:00:48) WHEEL OF PAAAIN! ft. new rules & timer

(2:13:03) Topic #4 - US States now require identity of users

(2:14:18) Luke suggests a WoP rule, Linus on "political freedom"

(2:17:14) WoP #3 - Dan the Adjudicator defends IDing porn users

(2:20:44) Topic #5 - Samsung partition space explanation

(2:23:18) Topic #6 - LTX 2023 update

(2:24:52) Tickets, partners & plans

(2:27:08) Topic #7: Stealing Hyundai & Kia TikTok trend

(2:29:06) Kia & Hyundai cannot be insured, who is to blame?

(2:32:54) Topic #8 - Twitter will now charge for SMS 2FA

(2:33:49) Merch Messages #2

(3:24:39) Topic #9 - LMG acquisition offer

(3:39:04) Topic 10 - Android Auto moves Spotify & issues with usage

(3:49:42) Merch Messages #3

(3:55:37) Outro

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