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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors)

0:00 Chapters

0:55 Intro

1:22 Linus does not count Twitch as a community

1:53 Topic #1 - Artesian Builds & Kiapia drama

3:21 Explaining giveaway program

7:13 Linus's story on Christmas giveaway

10:44 Community backlash

13:40 Linus lasts a week without controversy

15:19 JayzTwoCents built Kiapia a PC

15:58 PC tech communities stick together

16:58 Topic #2 - Nintendo removes videos of Yuzu run on Steam Deck

18:53 Modded Switch ROM dumping & legal piracy

21:10 Nintendo & yuzu emulator videos take-down discussion

24:44 Fair use, dumping ROMs on Steam Deck, discussing emulators

29:27 Roblox Corp is worth more than Nintendo

31:45 Linus explains Nintendo's reasoning

33:07 Gabe delivering Decks, Linus's experience with Deck

35:02 Talking games: Horizon ZD, Zelda BotD, Horizon FW

48:36 Sponsors

50:56 LTTStore new colored cable ties

51:58 Linus was late due to Sarah's new streaming setup

54:09 Topic #3 - Tech industry actions against Russia

55:22 LMG is no longer working with Russia or Belarus

56:48 Russian Rubel falling, Russian stock market closed

57:18 Russia blocking websites, Starlink in Ukraine

58:03 Roscosmos threatening SpaceX to shut down ISS

59:22 Russians, the people, are NOT "Russia"

1:00:37 Topic #4 - Nvidia hacked, 1 TB data leak

1:02:02 References to code chips & credentials in leak

1:04:03 DLSS source code leak

1:05:47 Topic #5 - Epic games buys Bandcamp, BC Fridays

1:09:23 Topic #6 - Rivian backlash for pre-order price
1:13:48 Merch Messages

1:14:00 SAM effect on AMD RX GPUs

1:15:01 Steam Deck with external hubs, M2 holder

1:15:45 Linus recommends waiting on buying GPUs

1:16:30 Thoughts on Pokemon

1:19:08 Destiny 2 banning Deck players, Deck & Windows

1:23:20 Pokemon idea

1:25:35 Color calibration drift for cameras

1:26:35 LTTStore backpack plans & most exciting feature

1:28:04 Vault restoration, SteamOS on AYA & ONEX

1:31:02 Floatplane as ticket-based music streaming

1:31:46 Devices being "fast enough" for consumers

1:33:28 Thunderbolt dock worth

1:34:38 Windows requirement to log-in bypassed

1:35:32 Sea of Stars, Steam Deck game experience

1:39:36 Why LTTStore woman merch lacks logos

1:47:20 Outro

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