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Timestamps (Courtesy of Pizza Thyme Pizza FanClub)

1:25 intro

2:02 More on Hardware Unboxed getting denied cards.

 2:40 Nvidia apologies sort of for hardware unboxed ceasing getting cards

 4:43 Luke is unsure if Nvidia is apologizing to save face or is sincere

 6:00 Summary of the "scandal" between hardware unboxed and Nvidia

 8:55 Luke thinks that Nvidia is doing this bc they are saving face.

 12:40 Linus is trying to get someone from Nvidia to talk to him.

 14:30 Linus burning bridges with Nvidia and meme-ing on them.

 16:45 This PR does not make very much sense for Nvidia.

19:00 Cyberpunk 2077 review

 20:22 Cyberpunk pulled from Sony play store

  21:35 CD Project Red reputation has been messed up

        22:42 Sony pulling Cyberpunk from play store

 23:15 Cyberpunk unplayable on last gen consoles

26:40 Devotion Pulled from Good Old Games with pressure from the CCP

 26:52 Contained unflattering references to [Winnie the Pooh] relating to the Taiwan situation

 28:09 GOG/Steam caved to CCP

 29:20 Twitter might not be representative sample of gamers' thoughts

 30:24 Different Mentality in China versus USA

 36:09 A poll of live viewers' opinions finds that opinions have worsened about CD Project RED

37:54 Microsoft might start to make ARM designs?

 38:45 Microsoft may become Microhard if they get into hardware

39:57 Sponsor spots 

 40:11 jumpcloud dot com

 41:08 10% off at ridge dot com slash linus

 41:45 Seasonic has good PSUs

42:45 Antitrust lawsuits

 42:55 Allegedly Google Has a monopoly over ads 

 43:25 Allegedly Facebook has been buying competitors and has a monopoly

 44:01 America Has not exercised the laws in a long time

 45:37 Google and Facebook account for 54% of advertising

 46:35 Linus does not like the privacy violations done by Google et al. and prefers his form of ads


48:10  Linus talking about parenting and children's literacy 

51:10 Superchats

       51:18 Airpods review question

       51:26 Paying for refunded shirts

       51:39 Dual shock "low latency"

52:35 The Mandela Effect

52:55 Outro

53:18 Dell insider follow up