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Timestamps (Not sure who posted the original comment but thanks to Not Camy, jasons dad & Svgge for the repost!)

00:00:01 --- Topics (Nvidia RTX 3060 “unhackable” mining limited drivers, AMD launching the RX 6700XT, 11th gen core line up, and Google slashes Play Store fees).

00:01:11 --- Intro.

00:01:34 --- Daylight savings time is the reason the WAN show is early today.

00:01:54 --- The “unhackable” RTX 3060 has been hacked!

00:14:49 --- Linus addresses the NiceHash sponsorship earlier this week.

00:24:19 --- Sponsor Spot: Ridge Wallet.

00:25:41 --- Sponsor Spot: Remote HQ.

00:26:26 --- Sponsor Spot: Private Internet Access.

00:30:56 --- Linus is extremely extremely gutted and disappointed about the issues that prevented Linus Media Group from getting a new headquarters.

00:34:47 --- 11th gen core lineup unveiled as more reviews leak.

00:42:08 --- AMD launches the RX 6700XT.

00:42:45 --- Google slashes Play Store fees with a twist.

00:50:41 --- SX8200 Pro bounty update.

00:51:11 --- AMD refuses to limit cryptocurrency mining performance.

00:52:02 --- Verified Actual Gamer Program Update.

01:01:05 --- Super/Floatplane Chats.

01:12:48 --- Outro.

01:13:08 --- Outro/Intro animation.

Individual Super Chats and Floatplane Chats

01:01:05 --- "Scrapyard Wars L.M.G. vs DIY Perks when?"

01:01:31 --- "L.M.G. should buy the whole building they are in and lease out the parts they don't use."

01:03:30 --- "Linus you inspire me daily, keep being you."

01:03:37 --- Linus becomes more annoying in response to "Hey Linus, hope you put your vacation to good use, you've become unprecedentedly annoying for the last month or so."

01:04:27 --- "Wouldn't tell you your business. If it saves the opportunity if Utility issues. Could monitize vids on DIY..."

01:05:06 --- "Any plans to include some sort of code compilation benchmark in your toolkit?"

01:05:27 --- "Dell update?" and "Shoe Dryer update?"

01:06:50 --- "Mouse pad and desk pad update?"

01:07:28 --- "Love your content and your beard looks really nice."

01:07:42 --- "Linus, please take care on your vacation, your skin is starting to look unhealthy recently."

01:07:59 --- "I'm a bit behind in the stream but in reply to the intent of crypto and its environmental impact, I think it's more worth talking about the reality instead of the ideals..."

01:08:22 --- "Would you consider adding some sort of option to get notified when desk pad is on stock (i.e. email)?"

01:08:52 --- "As an American I don't get to pick the tariffs. We deal with a price that is provided to us like anyone else..."

01:09:36 --- "Did it ever dawn on you that you're buying cards that gamers could have and now are holding them for an excessive amount of time, how many are you holding?"

01:10:58 --- "I want to know what else I should eat for dinner, skittles was a no go last time."

01:11:16 --- "Who is the best pony?"