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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors)

0:00 Chapters

1:21 Intro

1:54 Topic #1 - Linus's feud with Pokimane, apologizes

3:12 Linus's take on Twitter, thoughts on streamer's content

7:00 Linus removes original tweet, keeps take on WAN

8:30 Less time on Twitter, Linus apologizes

10:08 Topic #2 - NVIDIA fined over crypto disclosure

11:33 Summarizing revenue report & charged fees

12:13 Sales, crypto mining, Linus slaps Luke

14:53 Linus loves Chris Rock

16:10 LTTStore's promo ft. screenshare fight

17:58 Linus suggest cutting deskpads

19:20 Labs new positions, pop-up shop, reviews

26:40 LMG new positions

28:40 Topic #3 - LMG is expanding, Lab 2

30:32 Specs, lead by Gary

32:04 New hardware & testing rooms

34:24 Luke getting an office, other rooms

36:52 Lab footprint

37:08 Merch Messages #1

37:50 Luke's gift when quitting, Linus's ideas

40:31 Best UPS battery backup for a PC

46:38 LTX V.S. CES & COMPUTEX, Shank Mods on FP

49:33 Topic #4 - Ivan's collection for auction

51:13 Linus & Luke signing auctioned products

54:00 Topic #5 - Future Motion OneWheel controversy

56:14 Linus comparing FM to Artesian, stops Luke

59:16 "Copyrighted" battery & lockout lawsuit

1:01:05 Linus says not to buy OneWheel, iPhone icons sorting

1:05:22 Community posting issues

1:07:45 Topic #6 - India orders VPN information

1:09:45 Merch Messages #2

1:10:11 FP exclusive, Bell's trip, LMG day off

1:11:56 Plans to grow LMG & FP by year's end

1:17:11 Sponsors

1:21:00 Merch Messages #3

1:21:05 LMG & Creators Warehouse hiring, expected growth

1:23:00 Any other consoles Linus wants to mod

1:24:45 House painting update

1:25:10 What LMG looks for when hiring

1:27:30 House solar panel update

1:28:00 Project examples, Anthony walks in

1:31:05 Recommendations for anti-virus

1:33:36 Linus's & Luke's parents with games

1:35:46 FP merging or working with Nebula (real)

1:36:10 Outro