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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

0:00 Chapters

1:19 Intro

1:46 Topic #1 - Twitch's new Partner Plus program

2:44 Program's conditions, Luke on costs of streaming

7:42 Kick's infrastructure, who should "win?"

9:44 Recalling Twitch's 70/30 "deal," Luke empathizes with Twitch

11:47 Kick is unstable, xQc moves over to Kick

13:30 Discussing gambling, "can we be less ethical and make money?"

16:15 Topic #2 - Luke timetravels 10 years into the past

20:50 Topic #3 - Jesus returns on Twitch as an AI

22:22 Linus likes this approach, mentions KJB & bracelets

27:52 Merch Messages #1

40:02 LTTStore JRE Knife back in stock, new capacitor water bottle

43:37 Do you feel troubled when shopping for PC hardware?

47:32 What did you realize you missed from trade shows?

51:07 Topic #4 - Google's Google Domains sold to Squarespace

52:30 Luke explains TLD, Linus on recurring revenue, can we trust Google?

59:14 Topic #5 - Intel's new processor branding

1:00:34 Discussing confusing branding, Linus blames Apple

1:09:30 Sponsors

1:13:19 Merch Messages #2 ft. Most popular JRE color

1:15:07 "Skill Issue" - Dan 2k23

1:15:34 Do you see a real-life Westworld with AI? ft. JRE color answer

1:20:12 Will people post reviews on LTT Labs site?

1:22:18 Technology that would replace Bluetooth?

1:25:56 Topic #6 - Trucking company advertises via in-game billboards

1:27:36 Luke's opinion on in-game ads, recalls steakhouse board

1:30:05 Luke's auto-application idea, Linus on truckers wage

1:32:01 Recalling in-game ad placements & sponsored games, ethics of ads

1:39:40 Topic #7 - Comcast upset with FCC's transparent fees law

1:43:02 Recalling FDA's impact on the food market

1:43:38 Luke's issues with TELUS's recurring billing

1:45:38 LMG is now hiring!

1:46:33 Topic #8 - Cyberpunk 2077 raises system requirements

1:52:40 Topic #9 - Linus's Taycan update ft. Luke's Acura

1:57:45 Topic #10 - Reddit's API protests caused instability

1:59:01 Huffman's claims, messages mods to "overthrow," restores data

2:00:04 Luke's take on Reddit's approach, Linus sides with 3P Devs

2:04:52 Topic #11 - Rockstar places 160 GTA V cars behind a paywall

2:06:38 Linus & Luke on hating companies, addictive games, microtransactions

2:13:25 Loot boxes IS gambling ft. Dad jokes, Steam's "top-sellers"

2:16:15 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

2:18:24 Would GameLinked be competitive? How would you differentiate?

2:24:40 Privacy concerns with AI driver facing dash cams

2:28:50 Would Linus let his kids be more involved in home videos?

2:31:27 On privateering, is Linus worried a company would sue?

2:38:56 Car features you thought were stupid, but now can't live without?

2:44:26 What's the biggest misstep with LMG, and how did you stop it?

2:46:45 Linus's experience with Epson LS12000 projector

2:48:34 How many generations away are AMD from beating RTX x090?

2:49:57 Mark Rober collab, something about LTX that's sweating everyone?

2:51:20 How old were you when you got into tech? Bad security breaches?

2:54:38 Would you consider being a graduate speaker for an institution?

2:58:33 Whatever happened to Linus's gaming mini-van?

3:04:23 What happens to returned LTTStore items?

3:05:06 Would Labs accept sponsored product reviews?

3:15:44 Linus's Eightsleep "preparing itself," Nick Light on LTX tie-dye color

3:19:11 Ever thought about signed or exclusive merch? LTX merch messages?

3:22:46 Does LMG writing have banned words you can't use?

3:24:34 Prerequisites for Linus's son's possible YouTube channel?

3:25:40 Thoughts on favorite father's day gifts? LTT coasters update

3:26:57 What racket, string tension & stringing machine you use?

3:28:38 Would Linus start a company alone, or 50/50? With Luke?

3:34:28 Outro

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