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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

0:00 Chapters

1:16 Intro

1:45 Topic #1 - PS5 Slim requires an internet connection to pair the disc drive

4:06 30 years of pirating PS, long-term impact, game compatibility

6:40 Movie studio's potential influence, pair games

8:10 Right to Repair, Linus on 24/7 net connectivity, FP poll

12:28 Topic #2 - Carriers block "unauthorized" Mexican phones

14:22 Linus on smuggling legitimate products

15:18 Motorola remotely disabled phones, repair shops, spoofing IMEI

19:14 Samsung disabled phones retroactively, OPPO & Xiaomi might do the same

22:20 Samsung won't block any more, what's the solution? ft. Regional prices

30:42 Merch Messages #1 ft. Hand cam, Dan's MM cards

51:26 Topic #3 - IRS to launch Direct File Pilot Program

1:00:56 Topic #4 - Reddit threatens to block Google, claiming it can survive

1:02:24 Reddit & news articles on LLM data, Luke on restrictions

1:06:12 LTTStore's new premium joggers

1:07:54 LTT backpacks on stock, new carabiner update

1:08:44 Free shipping for the whole order if you get the Plaid flannel

1:10:10 Magnetic cable clip signup

1:10:32 Sponsors

1:16:38 Merch Messages #2

1:17:08 Features removed from modern PCs ft. File Share, Win11, monitors, taskbar, G-Docs, sharepoint

1:46:40 What is missing with water cooling that would make it easier?

1:51:28 Topic #5 - Linus now owns the LG Wing 5G

2:07:50 Topic #6 - Activision's deal with Remington for COD MW2

2:17:09 Topic #7 - Nintendo's new tournament guidelines

2:17:28 Nintendo's article, Luke on the Smash scene, "F-off Nintendo"

2:21:06 LAN Smash tournament, Linus challenges Nintendo, breaking rules

2:23:09 Stupid Q&A with Nintendo, "Who CARES?!," ALL THE SPONSORS!

2:25:11 Linus contacts dBrand, he will admit if he is in the wrong

2:28:42 Funny tournament names suggestions

2:30:49 LTT Official Folding Month VI competition ft. Konrad's message

2:33:10 Topic #8 - 41 US states sue Meta for addictive features

2:36:18 Topic #9 - DigitalRev deleted videos on the YouTube channel

2:40:00 Topic #10 - CS2 players banned due to high-DPI spinning

2:42:35 Topic #11 - Unplugged's UP Phone, has a physical killswitch

2:51:40 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

2:52:39 Experiences with the Amazon One's palm entry stores?

2:54:40 Why do you think all cotton clothing is rare?

3:02:12 Final Fantasy VI discussion

3:23:47 The most detrimental to gaming - gaming as a service, microtransactions or loot boxes?

3:25:20 Opinions on hardcore mode gaming?

3:30:51 Does Linus keep backup computers in his house?

3:36:30 Luke's thoughts on spoonerism given his dyslexia

3:40:04 Power & running costs of the pool cooling?

3:42:35 Employees who deserve more recognition but aren't in the spotlight?

3:46:27 What does Linus do with his excess money?

3:52:29 Blu-rays consoles are locked, it's not up to Sony

3:54:25 Complicated tech product names that infuriate you?

3:56:43 How hard would it be for developing countries to set up fabs?

3:59:03 How does Linus turn his PC rack on remotely?

3:59:55 What do you think is the greatest game of all time?

4:16:09 Ways AR can be used in business?

4:17:29 Ever considered a collab to show how clusters are used in science?

4:19:07 What happened to Linus's DIY water cooling bed?

4:19:39 Why didn't you use the controlled atmospheric chamber to test the sub-ambient PC?

4:20:12 Baby steps to take to have my son start gaming?

4:21:15 Why do you think computer repair shops are a bad idea?

4:22:42 How does sourcing for LTT labs differ from creator warehouse?

4:23:02 Got the 10M subs case, any possibility to buy the play button PC?

4:23:58 Outro ft. Not-so-tall Linus

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