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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors)

0:00 Chapters

1:16 Intro

1:45 Topic #1 - LTTStore screwdriver reviews

5:06 Fear of mass cancellation, Project Farm's review

11:56 Todd's chart, Linus's impressions

17:30 Jeff Geerling's review, reasons behind compromises

21:08 Highlighted comment, what Todd & Jeff missed

24:48 Inconsistencies with LTT screwdrivers

26:14 Topic #2 - HALO Infinite cancels split-screen CO-OP

27:55 Glitch to force CO-OP, discussing 343i's roadmap

30:54 Linus asks Luke about implementing reporting feature

35:26 Software engineering in games IS art

40:04 Thoughts on game assets

41:22 DO NOT send Superchats, buy merch and send

43:12 Sponsors

48:01 Topic #3 - Google issues with Chromecast fix

51:06 Third-party sharing data

53:02 TikTok "does not" share data, update is delayed

56:10 Topic #4 - Summarizing Apple's event

56:28 iPhone 14 specs: SOS, notch, chip update

1:00:32 Linus on Apple's calculus

1:02:04 iPhone 14 & Pro camera update, Apple Watch

1:05:33 Clearing out Linus's take on privacy

1:08:30 AirPods Pro 2: Transparency mode

1:11:44 Linus's thoughts on not migrating to Type-C

1:12:22 Merch Messages #1 ft. Bellocam

1:12:40 Oura Ring Gen 2 V.S. Gen 3

1:17:06 Utilizing UseAI for faster writing

1:19:18 Linus's & Luke's previous jobs

1:30:33 Was WAN show breaking Twitch's TOS?

1:39:00 Merch Messages #2

1:39:12 What second-hand PC parts to avoid

1:42:14 Moments of realization when LTT became big

1:50:11 Topic #5 - Linus is not a Forbes top creator

1:51:28 Trying to make sense out of the article

1:55:40 "Entrepreneur points", false earnings & outdated followers

2:00:26 Covering channels, mentioning those not listed

2:04:33 Where would Linus sit on this list?

2:07:02 Forbes’s "factual" statement, LTT compared to streamers

2:10:36 Linus on costs of staff, dog's score

2:13:00 Topic #6 - Jasco is a good guy now

2:14:28 Topic #7 - Logos on products are out of trend

2:17:32 Linus does not know Bottega Veneta, shows off shop

2:21:00 Luke has a heart attack, Linus on

2:24:20 Merch Messages #3

2:24:40 Steam Deck games Linus & Luke play

2:26:05 What Linus wants to try with Luke but haven't yet

2:27:28 Why are OLED displays larger than non-OLED?

2:29:48 Is emulating owned ROMs piracy?

2:30:58 Using LTT backpack on a bike

2:31:52 How Linus & Luke stuck for years ft. stories & "furry" art

2:41:48 What tech to take whenever travelling

2:43:40 Linus's sight on the danger of biking

2:45:12 Why did Linus go for workstation over VMs

2:45:53 Valve opening repairs for Deck with iFixit

2:46:43 Queen's passing, Linus on monarchies

2:50:22 Outro

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