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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE - Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors)

0:00 Chapters

1:32 Intro

2:00 Topic #1 - Gamer Nexus Newegg return issues

2:30 Steam Deck live tease

4:50 Linus planning to run Steam Deck for a month

7:10 Discussing the Newegg return claims, RMA issues

14:02 Possibilities for missed open-box damages

19:44 Does Newegg run a scam? Whose burden is this?

23:40 Gamer Nexus fans boycotting, store monopoly

27:33 Linus's conversation with ASUS on motherboards

29:46 Amazon is not a great technology store

33:06 Other technology companies listed by chat

37:48 Linus reaching out for similar experience

39:42 Topic #2 - Sony acquires Destiny's Bungie for 36B

43:16 Speculations behind reason of purchase

44:48 Sponsor - Grid Studio

46:55 Sponsor - Graphus

47:34 Sponsor - Squarespace

48:36 Topic #3 - Facebook value drops by $232B

50:14 Other stock values & past examples of FB values

51:22 Is Facebook dying? & "The Palace"

54:45 Second Life, VR Chat

57:50 Linus scammed via a bad statement

1:00:00 Merch Message Reply

1:02:34 LTTStore Controller & Computer plushies w/ code

1:04:16 Dropped shares & company value discussion

1:10:44 LMG's cost of hire, issue with being rich

1:15:12 Spending & investments for a rich person

1:19:28 Linus's house mortgage, Vancouver housing prices

1:26:31 "Eat the rich," Linus calls Jake "Geoff"

1:27:42 Merch Messages

1:28:26 Open bench maintenance

1:30:38 RX 580's value in 2022, upgradability discussion

1:32:19 Principles behind designing case air flow

1:34:22 Motorcycles content, 3D printed construction

1:37:10 Newer mainstream CPUs, Linus didn't buy phones

1:42:12 Portable audio players, TrueNAS VS Unraid

1:44:05 Sofa with speaker, Sam Zeloof, blind aid products

1:47:01 LTTStore screwdriver bit loaders, Linus's house update

1:50:26 Warehouse newsletter: USB-_Crap_ signal integrity

1:53:26 Screwdriver material, testing Steam Deck on Windows

1:54:20 LTT lab validating LMG tech products

1:55:26 Motherboard suggestions, LTT mice/keyboards

1:58:42 Software side lab benchmarks, non-terrestrial ISPs

2:01:22 Rack mount PC, list of Linus's house tech cost

2:04:42 Outro

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