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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Ruwaidi)

1:55 Cloudflare terminated 8chan 16:40 Linus take on 8chan takedown 18:58 Userbench controversy 28:20 Sponsor 30:27 Sponsor 31:02 Sponsor 32:00 Actual main topic of the WAN Show 33:00 Linus calling out MKBHD for a challenge 37:00 Linus admitting he has a plan 38:45 AMD EPYC 7002 Rome delivers a knockout 42:00 AMD stock analysis? 45:25 AMD EPYC technobabble 51:40 Speaking of ....oops..not on sale yet 52:05 Dr Su going to IBM rumor 55:20 LTT Store merchandise update 1:10:50 Apple is locking iPhone battery repair 1:18:20 Straw Poll results - Have you had your battery swapped in your phone more than once? 1:19:40 Viewer's comments 1:24:50 Linus will be on vacation next week