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This week! Detective Pikachu! And more Endgame breaks records! And another Fast Furious spin-off! And a Spider-Man trailer! And an IT trailer! And Suicide Squad casting! And a Watchmen trailer! And also Disney’s new slate. And that’s all the things. Thanks for the support.

Hey Fam

Serious Issues

Spider-Man FF Trailer Vid ►

It Chapter 2 Vid ►

0:00 The Start Of The Show

1:21 Endgame sinks Titanic

6:58 Spider-Man Far From Home trailer

19:12 Another Fast Furious spin-off

23:30 It Chapter 2 Trailer

28:15 Watchmen trailer

34:30 Michael Rooker as King Shark

35:50 New Disney slate

52:55 Detective Pikachu (spoilers 1:17:14 - 1:41:02)

57:16 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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