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Hello and good day! It’s The Weekly Planet podcast where this week it’s Zombieland Double tap plus big casting news for The Batman, a weird trailer for Dolittle, The Matrix casting, Kevin Feige making big moves at Marvel with The Inhumans, Jared Leto is unhappy about Joker and other news. Thanks for listening.

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0:00 The Start Of The Show

1:09 Dolittle trailer

10:14 The Batman casting/music newses!

19:43 Cowboy Bebop delayed

24:31 The Matrix casting

27:41 Kevin Feige promoted

29:15 The Inhumans are back! Maybe!

34:00 Bloodshot trailer

35:24 Liv Tyler returns to the MCU

36:10 Jared Leto is unhappy about Joker

42:36 New Star Wars trailer

47:10 Zombieland 2 Doubletap (spoilers 1:01:10 - 1:05:13)

1:05:13 Letters It’s Time For Letters

1:11:34 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

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