It's nice that every one in a while we get a movie that sure is inspired by a bunch of other IP but also is a new idea. That's right, it's The Creator week. In addition to reviewing that we talk the death of two legends of the screen, the end of the Writers Strike, the DCU being yet go have started despite The Flash, Blue Beetle and the yet to be released Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom, trailers for Rick & Morty Season 7 and Argylle, Secret Wars cameos, Martin Scorsese forced to talk about comic book movies and more! Thanks for listening

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00:00 The Start

04:39 Michael Gambon & David McCallum RIP

09:35 The Writer's Strike Finally Ends

16:38 The DCU Hasn't Started Yet

20:30 Rick & Morty Season 7 Trailer

22:51 Matthew Vaughn's Argylle Trailer

27:05 The Marvels Confirmed Shortest MCU Movie

28:06 Avengers: Secret Wars Cameo Rumours

30:47 Martin Scorsese on Blockbuster Movies

35:00 The Creator Review (spoiler warning 52:31 to 59:34)

59:34 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read (feat. Gen V)

01:06:08 Letters, It's Time For Letters

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