Hey everyone, welcome to the show. This episode is one from the archives that was recorded before season started, but is still a great episode to share. Today's guests are my longtime friends Ron Crouch and Rodney York. You can follow along on their hunts by visiting their youtube page or website- BentBowProductions.  I hope you all enjoy this episode, and thanks for tuning in!

Show Notes:
  • Bent Bow Productions (2:00)
  • British Columbia goat hunt (8:00)
  • At the end of 240 miles of gravel road (16:30)
  • “You’re up” (25:00)
  • Stalking a billy with a stick bow (29:30)
  • Techniques for the hunt (44:00)
  • Preparing mental toughness (53:30)
  • Timeframe for capes (1:02:30)
  • Teaching yourself to bow hunt (1:09:00)
  • Confidence in the field (1:20:45)
  • A love for traditional bowhunting (1:27:30)