Welcome to the very first greatest hits collection of Tights and Fights! 

Producer Julian Burrell has collected three of the best segments from the show’s archives for your enjoyment.

Misandry Corner

Danielle Radford leads the team to discuss some of the sexist history of wrestling’s past. In this inaugural edition of the segment, the spotlight is on WWE’s most sordid Diva’s moments: a water balloon wet T-Shirt contest. How terrible was this? And which men would we like to see recast in it?

My Special Wrestler

Comic creator Box Brown joins the program to discuss one of the greatest heels of all time: Ravishing Rick Rude. 

Ring Tones

Comedian Hannibal Buress joins the program to discuss the music of Triple H. This will include every phase of his career from his time as Hunter Hearst Helmsley to his joining DX to becoming the cerebral assassin to his modern-day role as the WWE’s chief executive of talent relations.

Hosted by Julian BurrellHal LublinDanielle Radford and Mike Eagle. 

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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