TLC is the last WWE event left in the year and both RAW and Smackdown have begun to build towards it. The difference is that the reception for both shows has been very different for the last few weeks.

While Smackdown has generated a lot of buzz with exciting new directions for Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Daniel Bryan, RAW has struggled to regain its identity with both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman out of action.

To figure out what’s behind this dichotomy, we’ll start by taking a look at the things we’ve loved from Smackdown; that includes Asuka winning a battle royal to be included in the triple threat TLC match with Lynch and Flair and Samoa Joe’s mic work against Jeff Hardy which could give Joe his long-elusive win.

Then we’ll draw that back to RAW and its shortcomings; Whether it’s a lack of competent babyfaces, Dean’s trite promos about burying the local city while he gets his booster shot or that AOP(ee) segment, there’s plenty to get into.

All of this, plus a look at the latest rumors surrounding the creation of All Elite Wrestling. It’s a promotion that supposedly has The Bullet Club at the helm and may be confirmed to exist soon.

The Three Count

Julian put over Incineroar’s inclusion in the upcoming game Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.

Lindsey put over Kevin Owens’ return to Twitter.

Danielle put over the latest episode of How 2 Wrestling featuring William Regal.

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