This week Hal, Danielle and Lindsey are joined by Omar Holmon. He’s the content editor for the website Black Nerd Problems. He’ll explain which part of WWE is keeping him engaged with the company’s programming.

WWE is currently building towards Elimination Chamber, which will likely determine who will be the WWE champion going into WrestleMania. One of the competitors in that match is Samoa Joe. He’s been doing brilliant work. But how much has his character taken a hit with all of the losses he’s accumulated?

Becky Lynch will also likely pay a big part in this event. She’s the most active part of WWE TV these days, appearing on both RAW and Smackdown as part of the story to her match with Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania. We’ll discuss how WWE’s playing with the possibility of Charlotte entering the match… and if Asuka has been lost in the shuffle as Smackdown women’s champion.

All of this, plus the on-going drama surrounding Dean Ambrose, the possibility of Seth Rollins working hurt and the return of Halftime Heat on the WWE network.

Main Event

In just a few weeks, WWE will crown its inaugural women’s tag team champions. It’s been a long time coming and there are tons of talented women who will compete for the titles. But do we have any assurance that WWE will be able to build this into something consistently interesting? And who should be trusted as the first champions to help establish the division?

The Three Count

Omar put over the the entire WWE women’s division which he credits for maintaining his interest in WWE

Lindsey put over the worlds collide tournament.

Danielle put over the campaign for Drew Gulak to join NXT.

Hal put over the 2015 tag team Elimination Chamber match.

Julian put over Oso_Obscuro’s portrait of Eddie Guerrero.

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