The Network is dead, long live the Network! It’s a new episode of Tights and Fights!

We’re always a week behind Smackdown, but my goodness what a show it’s become. Cesaro, Bayley, Roman, Sami and Sasha are all shining on Friday nights. But a special shout out has to go the EST of WWE because Bianca Belair is AMAZING.

Not to be outdone, NXT is in the throes of its Dusty Tag Team Classic which we refuse to believe can do any wrong.

And even though AEW still won’t give the women more than a single match a week on televsion, there’s some cool things on the horizon for the division and we’re always going to hope that it’ll lead to more. Hopefully!

Main Event

After seven years of $9.99 wrestling, the WWE Network  is officially headed to NBC’s streaming service Peacock. What does this mean for wrestling fans? Is there any chance that fans of The Office will decide to tune into a Royal Rumble or two? There’s so much to dive into!

The Three Count

Danielle put over Bianca Belair’s WWE Chronicle.

Lindsey put over RJ City's "Wrestling Raconteur" documentary.

Hal put over Edge Declaring for the Royal Rumble.

Hosted by Hal LublinDanielle Radford and Lindsey Kelk.

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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