For better or worse (but probably for worse), wrestling is about to get much more crowded than it’s been for over a year.

We’ve already seen it in All Elite Wrestling. Their crowds reached an absolute fever pitch this past week at Fyter Fest night 1.

We saw a bunch of great matches like Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page and fun moments like Adam Page finally confronting his pals in the Elite. And yet despite all that… There was still One Match from the women’s division.

Thankfully there were more women on NXT and Smackdown with multiple stars making their debut on new brands.

Main Event: The return of crowds

From a purely entertainment standpoint, we definitely missed an audience with our wrestling. And now that they’re coming back, we’re naturally excited and concerned. Let’s take this opportunity to look back on our favorite wrestling moments that we were in the audience for… and try to stave off our fear that everything could go very wrong. 

The Three Count:

Danielle put over WWE wrestlers playing DnD.

Lindsey put over Aliyah heading to Smackdown.

Hal put over Britt Baker's promo at Fyter Fest Night 1.

Hosted by Danielle Radford and Lindsey Kelk

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