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Awwwwwwww listeners! Don’t you dare be sour! It’s a brand new Tights and Fights!

Despite some sketpicism of her new gimmick, Almost a Superhero, Nikki ASH won the big one. After a lot of back and forth, Nikki is the new RAW women’s champion after cashing in the Money in the Bank. Are we ready to get on board with her new role?

Speaking of women’s titles, Britt Baker once again retained her AEW women’s title. But that sort of just underscores the  nagging issue with AEW: they don’t seem to have much of a long term story planned for their women’s division. And so it goes.

Oh yeah and some guy named John Cena is back! Despite ourselves we can’t help but be excited about… even though some other returns didn’t go nearly as well… especially the spooky ones.

Main Event: Big E

We’ve seen Big E grow from the second ever NXT Champion to one third of one of the greatest WWE tag teams of all time. And now that he’s got a date with the World championship one day soon, we can’t wait to see where he goes next. We’ll share what makes Big E so great and read some of your thoughts on Mr. Money in the Bank. 

The Three Count:

Danielle put over the trial of Faye Jackson.

Lindsey put over Becky’s breast feeding tweet.

Hal put over Pat McAfee on commentary.

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