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It’s the #MaxFunDrive and that means inviting on special Wrestle Fwiends on brand new episode of Tights and Fights.

RJ City has made a name for himself as a truly unique show across the independent wrestling scene. In the past year though, he’s gone more mainstream than ever.

He was scene regularly on WWE’s YouTube channel and now he’s got a new talk show on AEW called “Hey(EW).” According to him, his new show isn’t all that different from what he used to be known for… just with a massive budget. 

He’ll tell us all about his latest project, his new wrestling persona and what the difference is between making web content for WWE vs. AEW.

The Main Event

We just got done with WrestleMania which had a surprising amount of celebrities in major matches on the card. This continues a proud tradition in wrestling of bringing famous people on to have a good time and hopefully bring new eyes on the shows.

The Three Count

RJ put over FTR somehow getting over as faces.

Danielle put over MJF on the Acafellas.

Lindsey put over Danhausen cursing William Regal.

Hal put over one of his best friends.

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