SummerSlaaaaam and the livin’s EZ on a brand new episode of Tights and Fights!

In one of the WWE’s longest PLE’s (industry term!) of the year, we had championships defended, briefcases abound and hugs exchanged.

How weird is it to say that Ricochet had the best match of his WWE career with Logan Paul? And is Iyo Sky officially a made woman with the WWE Women’s Championship?

And most importantly: Did anyone from Star Wars actually care about those medals or did they just want Chewbacca not to have one?

The Main Event: Roman Reigns, The Usos and injuries

Roman Reigns finally had his main event match against Jey Uso. Thanks to a sudden betrayal by Jimmy, the Tribal chief retained his title, which puts us in an intriguing position for the story to continue; especially since Roman hurt his back early in the match on Saturday. 

And he’s not the only one. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Sonya Deville, Dakota Kai and Big E have all gotten injury news in the past few weeks.

The Three Count:

Julian put over NXT recapturing his heart. 

Lindsey put over Dave Bautista’s performance in a film she did not enjoy.

Hal put over holding Glenn Jacobs accountable

Hosted by Hal Lublin and Lindsey Kelk.

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