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Dimitry Popée is the host of the fantastic new MaxFun podcast “Eurovangelists,” which covers the famous song contest Eurovision. He’s a lifelong wrestling fan. He briefly stopped watching after Kurt Angle drove a milk truck on RAW– because frankly what could ever top that?

Dmitry eventually started watching WWE again after WrestleMania 32. These days he watches just about everything, including New Japan and AEW. He’ll tell us about why he doesn’t think Eurovision and the Royal Rumble are all that different.

The Main Event

WCW struck gold in 90s when it had Hulk Hogan turn heel and join Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the New World Order. And while the nWo fizzled in later years without a clear end game, its impact is still felt to this day. 

The Three Count

Hal put over Roman Reigns’ Super Bowl Prediction.

Danielle put over Gypsie Rose Blanchard backstage at AEW.

Lindsey put over Drew’s tricep work out.

Dmitry put over Belanka.

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