Get those crowns shined up, it’s a brand new episode of Tights and Fights!

Danielle and Lindsey discuss which wrestlers have leveled up in the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments.

Is Gunther destined to get a crown and be led to the ring on a little chariot? Why are we so confident that Ilja Dragunov will be fine despite losing to Jey Uso? And why would we be okay with Nia Jax finessing her way to a win in the finals?

Plus, we lament the fact that Logan Paul is still really good at wrestling and will probably have a great match with Cody Rhodes. 

The Main Event

We’re joined by Brenda Snell and Austin Taylor, our friends from the MaxFun podcast “Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries” to talk about one of the wildest WWE ventures of all time:

In 1999 Vince McMahon had a vision for a combination restaurant, retail store and night club in Times Square called WWF New York. It featured WWF music, memorabilia, PPVs… and was absolutely not long for this world since it shut down just under four years after it opened. WWE later opened a sister location called WWE Niagara Falls which was open from 2002 to 2011. They even recently had another go at the physical location for WWF, but you’ll have to visit Saudi Arabia to see it. 

The Three Count

Lindsey put over Sami Zayn on Netflix is a Joke.

Julian put over Paper Mario (a secret wrestling game)

Danielle put over Macho Austin.

Hosted by Danielle Radford and Lindsey Kelk.

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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