This week, the team bids a fond farewell to the late great Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. He’ll always be remembered for his hilarious commentary, being a great bad guy… and that one time he wore a weasel suit.

Plus Bayley and Charlotte made their big returns to TV this week, both for very different reasons; But which one is best set up for success in the next few weeks?

And did Roman Reigns finally get a verbal win over John Cena before their big match at No Mercy? We’ll take a look and determine the final results

Main Event

WWE had a great chance to make a new star when they gave Jinder Mahal the WWE title earlier in the Summer. But from the beginning, his time at the top has been tinged with racism. It was bad enough when it was just Randy Orton saying this sort of stuff, but now Jinder is using outright offensive language against Shinsuke Nakamura. How bad is this beyond heel heat? We’ll explain.

The Three Count

Danielle put over Nia Jax at New York fashion week.

Des put over Ric Flair confronting his problems as he recovers from surgery.

Hal put over Kevin Owens's promo after he attacked Vince McMahon.

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