The show known has TDR Rocks or Totally Driven Radio has been rebooted as The Rock n Ragni show, which still features it’s host former ECW Original Pro Wrestler Bay “Chubby Dudley” Ragni doing his in-depth music interviews.

On this episode, Bay gets to sit down and talk to Bon Jovi’s guitarist, Phil X………..

They Discuss…………..
**His work with Tommy Lee on all of his solo albums
**His thoughts on Randy Rhoads
**Why it is a lost art of Guitar Gods
**What it’s like to play with Bon Jovi
**To go from playing small clubs & traveling in vans with The Drills, to stadiums and jet planes
**The new single “Right on the Money” w/ Brent Fitz on Drums
**The new album “Stupid Good Lookings” Vol 2 coming out later this year with all different drummers
**Having Tommy Lee, Liberty DeVitto, Ray Luzier & others
**Who would be the dream drummer he hasn’t been able to record with him
And more