The show known has TDR Rocks or Totally Driven Radio has been rebooted as The Rock n Ragni show, which still features it’s host former ECW Original Pro Wrestler Bay “Chubby Dudley” Ragni doing his in-depth music interviews.
On this episode, Bay gets to sit down and talk with Rock n Roll Legend……….. Cherie Curry (The Runaways)
They discuss……
**The Pandemic
**Her Chainsaw Sculpting accident
**New album “Blvds of Splendor”
**Having Matt Sorum produce
**Having Slash, Duff, Billy Corgan and other appear on it
**Why was it shelved for 10 years
**Why didn’t Joan Jett or Lita Ford appear on it
And more

Listen to the interview here

Original Totally Driven Radio In-Depth Interview with Cherie in 2013
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