This week it's Cory McCallum!!! Join Damian for a stroll down memory lane with his old buddy Cory. Listen in as the two catch up on what's been going on over the last 20 years. This one has been a long time in the making, so kick back & enjoy!

Also Touched On...

Growing Up In Orangeville & The Introduction To Punk & Metal The Dead Milkmen 80's Nerds vs. Millennial Nerds A&A Records & Taped GNR Aren't Even That Metal The Raw Energy Christmas Party Paul Livingstone Painting His Own Shirts Discovering Bad Brains HR's Lyrics Punk Elitism Being Introduced To NOFX & Minor Threat Orangeville's Broad Taste In Fast Music Trying To Write Songs Like Bad Religion The Best Band Ever From Orangeville, "GASP" Queen St. Punk Tree People Seeing Hockey Teeth At Classic Studios Touring With Trigger Happy The Birth Of Five Knuckle Chuckle & The Death Of Noah Fence Sno Jam Watching Wrestling At The CNE Bob Backlund & Being Fiercely WWF / WWE Watching Edge's (Adam Copeland) First WWE Match BEANO Comic Annuals Recording Charlier Horse In 3 Days With Simon Head Goggles Of Doom Tour With Bender Guttermouth Ripping Off "Bad Skater" Sandy Miranda Was & Is The Best! Better Days Video The Genius Of Gob's CanCon Strategy d.b.s. Piss Bombing Bikers & Leaving Five Knuckle Chuckle To Answer For It Much Music Loved Little Kids Playing Punk Rock Recording All Hammed Up Sons Of Ismael & MSI Lying To Your Parent's For Punk The End Of FKC Propagandhi Tour 97' UR In Trouble & Damian Meeting Cory The Need For Speed In Rock Underworld In Montreal R.I.P. RANDY

& Much Much More


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