WE'RE BACK WITH VIC BONDI!! The Chicago punk/hardcore legend sat down with Damian to talk about everything from The Accüsed to Steely Dan. There's so much to go over here that they barely scratch the surface, but in TOAP fashion, a Part #2 has already been planned. Bet Your Bottom Dollar You'll Loose The Blues!

Also Touched On:

Growing Up In Pensacola, Florida

Getting A Radio & Discovering Soul Music & Classic Rock

Reading About Punk In Rolling Stone

Elvis Costello On SNL

Hearing Never Mind The Bollocks Give Em Enough Rope

Safe European Home Changed Everything

Seeing The Clash At The Aragon Ballroom

Identifying With Punk Rock "In The Shadow Of The 60's"

Forming Direct Drive

The Effigies, Strike Under, Naked Raygun, Trail By Fire, DVA & 1st Wave Chicago Punk

DeKalb, IL & The Subverts

Moving To Chicago

Getting Your Body Bag Single Signed & Getting Back "Biafra Punks Fuck Off"

Going To Shows In DC & Catching The Bad Brains In 81'

The Birth Of Articles Of Faith & Building A Scene

Booking Shows At The Central American Social Club

Big Boys, Personality Crisis, Young Lions & MDC

The Accüsed

Orthodoxy In Punk

Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young Punks Always Considered "Beyond The Pale"

Never Stop Seeking Out New Music

The Internet Killed The Independent Punk Star

Recording What We Want Is Free From 2:00AM Until 8:00AM For $500.00

Dead Ending & Jones Very

The Mixed Blessing Of Modern Music & Technology

Working On Weatherman With Tom Morello

The Clash vs. The Pistols (Again)

Seeing Elvis Costello & Steely Dan

Give Yourself Completely To The Live Show Or Don't Bother. Don't Half Step!


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