The Wrestle Punk Revolution Is Real!!!! This week on Turned Out Of Punk Damian is joined by the proud punk and independent wrestling pioneer M-Dogg 20 aka Son Of Havoc aka Matthew Capiccioni! Join Damian and Matt (and Jake the Ref and Mr. Pickles the Cat) as they sit down at Damian’s Kitchen table to discuss the journey from stumbling into a Face to Face show to singing with Integrity in Japan and the entire Wrestling/Punk Connection!

Also Touched On:

Matt (and Jake) come to Damian’s house

What if Wrestlers sang in bands?

Wanting to put together a straight edge supergroup

Not a lot of edge breakers in wrestling

Music not being your thing

Beach Boys and Roy Orbison LIVE

Going to Industrial shows

Going Buzzardfest ’95 for Moby but coming face to face with Face To Face

“You don’t like it. It’s punk.”

The Ramones and the Sex Pistols in 1996

Hearing Op Ivy and everything else dying

the Swinging Utters being criminally underrated

White Noise: poor choice for a band name

Earth Crisis, Path Of Resistance and the allure of gang culture to young straight edge kids

Missing your prom to see Path

Finding out about the One Life Crew… in Cleveland

Earth Crisis almost killing your friend

getting a ride home from Josh Prohibition

Meeting Integrity in Japan

Misfits cover band

ECW was the Punk of wrestling… and WWE is U2

Bringing the aggressive audience interaction to pro wrestling

Pro-Wrestling: the punkest sport

Wrestling has it’s punk moment

The Wrestling/Punk convention