This week on Turned Out A Punk we are celebrating the announcement of "Turned Out A Punk Live in LA: The Punk/Wrestling Connection" (on February 25th) and what better way to celebrate than by having LA wrestling hero Rocky Romero? So sit down and enjoy as Damian gets to talk to one of his favourite wrestler's and a secret punk kid about the journey to training with Antonio Anoki and becoming a star in Japan.

Also touched on:

Listening to Sublime

“Check this band out, it’s a little harder than what you are you to”

Operation Ivy

The Misfits

Loving horror movies

Video Store Culture

Independent film in the 90s

the problem(s) with Tarantino

the state of wrestling

Anoki and music and wrestling

Union 13

The adventures of going to your first show

The early days of the internet

“What happens is they turn off the internet?” printing out binders of information

Wu-Tangs one off record as a model

Is the WWE the ultimate custom match company

Starting a band